Arcane Ruins

Arcane Ruins is an area in Sea of Flame II, a CTM map by Vechs.


The area consists of several rooms of different sizes. The largest room is an entrance hall decorated with glowstone and lapis lazuli blocks, leading to the other rooms. It also contains a rail track leading to the surface and a window to another rail track (which leads to Cathedral of the Suidae).


The Victory Monument

The main point of interest in Arcane Ruins is, by far, the Victory Monument, accesed by going through the doorway on the left side of the main hall. This room also has a lava pool above and below it, and the walls are made out of stone, sandstone, netherrack, glowstone and obsidian.

Through the doorway at the end, there is an option of going either straight or to the right. Going straight, there is a tall empty room with a piston door leading to a supply room. The path to the right leads to a darkened room with a lever to toggle light and some mushrooms on the floor, as well as a rail track leading to 2 other places. Strangely, the track selector lever here is attached to a glowstone block and will pop off as soon as you try to flip it, so you will need to replace the glowstone with a solid block - this is likely a holdover from Minecraft Beta 1.7.3, when it was possible to attach levers to glowstone.

Points of interest


  • Potions - Medium chest in main hall.
  • Zistonian Battlesign Level 2.
  • A chest containing 6 minecarts, 3 minecarts with chests, 2 minecarts with furnaces, a bed, 16 torches, 8 cookies and a golden sword, shovel, pickaxe and axe.
  • Hillian Monument Supply Chest "Light it up!" next to the victory monument.
  • An enchanting table in the room past the piston door.
  • A brewing stand in the room past the piston door.
  • A chest containing three stacks of netherwart in the room past the piston door.
  • Also in the room past the piston door, there is a chest containing three of each spruce, oak and birch sapplings, three beds, three wooden doors, two iron doors, two signs, a cake, 10 glowstone blocks, a stack of each: leather, paintings, ladders, glass blocks, sand, sandstone, gravel, redstone dust, redstone torches, rails, powered rails and detector rails.
  • There are some brown and red mushrooms in the room next to the rail track.
  • There is a chest next to the long rail track, containing 10 minecarts, 3 stacks of rails, and a stack of each: detector rails, powered rails, redstone torches, redstone dust, levers, stone buttons, sand, sandstone, gravel and glass blocks.
  • Near the beginning of the track to The Molten Depths (where the rail turns to the right and heads downward) there is a lavafall behind a glass wall. Hidden behind the top of the lavafall is an unlabeled Stone Tools and Food - Medium chest topped with a glowstone block.


  • Mobs can only spawn in the room with mushrooms. You can light it up mostly using the "Lumin'hai" mechanism prepared by Vechs, though it will not make the room completely spawn-proof.

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