Black Desert II
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Black Desert II

Map Type

Open World

Respawn Rules



Not Rated


3.1 Beta




Black Desert II is the former fifth installment of Super Hostile, a CTM map series by Vechs.


Black Desert II is an experimental map for the genre 'Hunter CTM'. The goal is to gather 16 different coloured wool and 3 metal blocks for the Victory Monument. However, in Hunter CTM, instead of finding wool in Fleecy Boxes, the players have to kill special mobs called Fleecy Mobs. Fleecy Mobs can be identified by wool on their heads, otherwise they are on lit on fire. Fleecy Mobs vary from Zombies, Skeletons, Spiders, Cave Spiders, Wither Skeletons, Blazes and even Zombie Pigmen. As well as these, there are other custom mobs, such as melon-headed zombies, crating table head zombies, and strong varients of ghasts. All these mobs are the main methods of gathering resources. 

Fleecy Mobs

  • White Wool Zombie 
    • White Wool Fleecy Mob
    • Orange Wool Fleecy Mob
    • Magenta Wool Fleecy Mob
    • Light Blue Fleecy Mob
    • Yellow Wool Fleecy Mob
    • Lime Wool Fleecy Mob
    • Pink Wool Fleecy Mob
    • Gray Wool Fleecy Mob (In the air)
    • Light Gray Fleecy Mob
    • Cyan Wool Fleecy Mob
    • Purple Wool Fleecy Mob
    • Blue Wool Fleecy Mob
    • Brown Wool Fleecy Mob
    • Green Wool Fleecy Mob
    • Red Wool Fleecy Mob
    • Black Wool Fleecy Mob
  • Orange Wool Zombie
  • Magenta Wool Zombie
  • Light Blue Wool Skeleton
  • Yellow Wool Skeleton
  • Lime Wool Skeleton
  • Pink Wool Spider
  • Gray Wool Spider
  • Light Gray Wool Cave Spider
  • Cyan Wool Zombie
  • Purple Wool Zombie
  • Blue Wool Zombie Pigman
  • Brown Wool Wither Skeleton
  • Green Wool Wither Skeleton
  • Red Wool Cave Spider
  • Black Wool Blaze


Discontinuation and Legacy

After unsuccessful beta-testing, Vechs discontinued Black Desert II. The Hunter CTM concept did reemerge however in Inferno Mines, where some of the wool blocks are obtainable through fighting fleecy mobs. There is also an optional monument for the heads dropped by other boss mobs.