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Final room of Boomer Castle

Boomer Castle is the Magenta Wool Dungeon in Waking Up , a CTM map by Vechs.


The dungeon starts outside the castle, in a medium-sized courtyard with lots of coal. There is iron ore off the path guarded by creeper spawners and TNT. Otherwise, there should only be natural spawns. At the edge of the courtyard is a bridge going up to the castle itself. The player enters the castle into a large room with a high roof, a corridor to the left. The castle has a lot of creeper spawners, hence the castle's name. After a couple of corridors, there is another large room with three paths, two of them leading to good loot and equipment. The other, the path across the glass bridge on the upper part of the room, leads to the fleecy box. The final part is a room similar to Inventory Wipe Horror Festival. It is a huge room encased in bedrock and lava in the walls and below the bridge. The only flooring is a very dangerous bridge with loads of spawners for not just creepers but zombies, skeletons, endermen, blazes and even ghasts.

Points of Interest


  • Magenta Wool
  • Chapter 4
  • Chapter 5



  • Many Creeper spawners in every room
  • Silverfish and Cave Spiders in the room with the enchantment tables.
  • A large variety of spawners in the last room before the fleecy box.
  • A charged creeper spawner right next to the fleecy box room.


  • The magenta wool requires going through the entire area. The area can be done by placing torches to light up a room quickly, then destroying the spawners hidden under the walls. The final room requires more caution. Placing plenty of ghast-proof blocks such as stone bricks is recommended.
  • Chapter 4 is in a cave next to the lava moat outside the cavern (there are blazes guarding it)
  • Chapter 5 is in the final room, at the bottom. This should not be attempted until the room is perfectly secure.
  • Bring Ender Pearls and a couple of fire resistance potions for the final room. These will be useful if you fall in the lava.

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