Cathedral of the Suidae

Cathedral of the Suidae is an area in Sea of Flame II, a CTM map by Vechs.


The area is visible from the very first location, Classic Island, though it's not easily accessible until the player reaches Arcane Ruins. From there, a rail track leads right to this area.

The cathedral stands on a large stone platform, separated from the lava sea by a tall stone wall. There are many fires and pillars on the platform, serving as decorations. In the center of the platform, there is a huge statue of a pig, mostly made out of netherrack. This was made in honor of Zisteau, one of the very first LPer of the first version of the map. There is a nether portal standing between it's legs. There are also two other entrances to dungeons in this area, at the very opposite of the entrance.

Points of interest


  • There is a secret room located at the back of the pig statue's head. There is a chest containing two of each stone tool, two stone swords, two bowls of mushroom stew, a golden apple, a cake and 30 wheat.
  • Also in the same secret room, there is a chest containing two bows, two iron swords, two stacks of arrows, two stacks of leather, two golden apples and a stack of torches.
  • There is another secret chest at the very top of the pig statue's head, containing 13 Zistonian Space Program items.
  • Hidden chest containing an iron sword, cooked porkchop, bow, stack of arrows and stack of torches buried under single glowstone block under the 1st tower on the left side of the outer wall.
  • Another chest hidden in similar way but under 2nd tower on the right side containing each stone tool, 3 breads, mushroom stew and a cooked porkchop.


  • There are 10 zombie pigman spawners under the statue of the pig, 6 in the front legs and 4 in each corner of the portal. They are not initially aggressive, but a care should be taken not to aggrevate them.
  • There are two more zombie pigman spawners in corners of the secret room at the back of the pig statue's head.


  • Don't attack the Zombie Pigmen and avoid coming here at night. This should make the area safer than normal.

Leads to...


  • Suidae is a biological family to which pigs and boars belong.
  • On the Classic Island, there is a couple of signs telling a story about Cathedral of the Suidae. They say "A long time ago a little zombie pigman built a giant temple. He lost his temple to a hard-drive failure... The universe cannot abide such injustice! >:( I tried to rebuild it just from memory, but I know it is not exactly identical. Maybe the little pigman could remake it into its' full former glory? :D". This is a reference to an old build of Zisteau, a YouTube let's player (Minecraft Forum thread).