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Cavern of Sky

Cavern of Sky is a dungeon in Kaizo Caverns, a CTM map by Vechs.


Cavern of Sky is a massive cavern. The deepest part of the cavern are lava lakes. High up in the cavern are large quantities of iron ores and glowstone. The fleecy boxes are not easily visible, as they are well-hidden in the cavern. The dungeon also features lava-falls and large pillars of stone going from the ground all the way up to the ceiling.

Points of Interest


  • Light grey wool
  • Cyan wool



  • From the entrance, players will vaguely be able to see a moss stone structure high up in the cavern. This is where the Light Gray wool is, however reaching it requires pillaring and/or bridging.
  • They cyan wool can be found almost directly below the fleecy box, in a small cave guarded by spider and cave spider spawners, so a Bane of Athropods sword will help here. Jumping from the fleecy box is not advised, even with feather boots.
  • You can also drop TNT to destroy spawners.
  • If players cannot see the light gray wool's location immediately, the bricks of the box can be seen from the cyan wool's cave, making locating it much easier.

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