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Cenote of Apprentice

Cenote of the Apprentice
is an area in Spellbound Caves, a CTM map by Vechs. It is the starting area of the map.


Like in every Super Hostile map made by Vechs, the player first spawns facing a couple of signs with the map name, author name and rules of the map written on them.

The Cenote is the only area of the map exposed to the sky, with the top of the map being covered in a layer of bedrock. The player spawns in a small ruin with limited nearby resource. While the area contains glowstone around the ruins and select parts of the walls, it is still dark enough for large numbers of mobs to spawn.

Points of interest

  • On one side of the spawn is a waterfall flowing from a tunnel. When followed, the tunnel leads to a dark, vine-filled cavern that eventually takes the player to Intersection 1.
  • On the side of the spawn opposite of the waterfall is a dungeon.


  • White Wool


  • There is a Combat Supplies - Low chest at the roof of the cave, above the area with the logs and dirt.
  • 5 Coal can be found about half way into the dungeon's entrance tunnel.
  • A chest containing a wooden sword, 1 pair of leather pants, 2 torches, and 16 cobblestone.
  • A chest containing Zistonian Battlesign -- level 1, and 26 pairs of leather pants.
  • 3 spruce logs and tall grass on a large deposit of dirt, which adds up to 2 stacks and 44.
  • Potions - Low, behind a glass wall.
  • Double chest containing saplings (5 each of oak, birch, and spruce), 6 wheat seeds,2 and a half stacks of ladders, 8 stacks of rails, a diamond chestplate, a stack of sand, a stack of glass, a stack of stone half slabs, a cactus, and 16 dirt.
  • Dawnbringer, Paladin's Blade, behind a wall of gravel, in the corner of the second room.
  • In the first large room of the dungeon, there is a side corridor leading to an enchanting table with bookshelves.
  • Up the waterfall, and to the left is a Building Blocks - Low chest, and if you follow the water further, there is a hidden Stone Tools and Food - Low chest.


  • In the white wool dungeon, there are 4 spawners, 2 spawning spiders, 1 spawning zombies, and 1 spawning skeletons.
  • There are 10 silverfish blocks in the large room with the large loot chest and the spider spawners. Be careful breaking blocks here.
  • In the entrance to the final room with the fleecy box, there are pressure plates that trigger dispensers with arrows.
  • Signs with rules are placed at silverfish blocks which can be easily blown up by a creeper during the night.
  • Up the Waterfall and further in there are 2-3 Zombie Spawners guarding the Stone Tools and Food - Low Chest.


  • As soon as you start, gather the 3 spruce logs. Make one into a crafting bench and make the other 2 into sticks, then craft a stone pickaxe and a stone sword. Head for the tunnel and mine the 5 pieces of coal in the wall to make torches, then quickly use them to light up the room downstairs before too many mobs spawn. Once you've secured the area, you can take the saplings and seeds from the loot chest and start some farms at your spawn point to get yourself established.

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