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Citadel Courtyard is a dungeon area in Sea of Flame II, a CTM map by Vechs.


Citadel Courtyard is one of the three dungeons composing Rageshadow Citadel. The location of this dungeon takes place in a square courtyard all around Upper Rageshadow. The area is quite symmetrical, having the same amount and type of spawners in each corner. The loot in chests in each corner differs though. The whole area consists of three levels. First is the ground level with the Fleecy box and the entrance to Rageshadow Depths. Next is the series of walls and bridges that surround the couryard which lead to Upper Rageshadow. Last is a platform containing loot chests in each corner.

Points of interest



  • A ghast spawner in each tower
  • A blaze spawner above each of the ghast spawners
  • Each of the obsidian structures in the corners contains four skeleton and four zombie spawners
  • Each of the bedrock structures on the sides of the upper platform contains four skeleton spawners. These are completely covered in bedrock, therefore can't be destroyed. The only way to disable them is with lighting
  • There are two cave spider spawners on the wall where the fleecy box is
  • Also there are two skeleton spawners buried under sides of the bridge above the fleecy box
  • There is a fun box under the floor in front of the fleecy box
  • Additionally, it's possible for mobs from spawners which are located in Upper Rageshadow or Rageshadow Depths to spawn and enter Citadel Courtyard


  • Wait until dawn before going to the citadel.
  • Fire resistance potions can be useful when something knocks you off the wall - right into the lava!
  • Don't use the path prepared by Vechs (obsidian tunnel) or you will probably die in a zombie and skeleton storm. Instead, build a bridge to the citadel walls.
  • Run around walls and destroy all of the ghast spawners. You can also block the entrances to the main, center tower to avoid any mobs from Upper Rageshadow approaching you.
  • Destroy the skeletons spawners on the sides of the bridge above the fleecy box.
  • While holding shift, stand on a side of the small platforms next to the bridge above the fleecy box and destroy the cave spider spawners from above.
  • From this point, you can just dig through the roof to the fleecy box.
  • Now climb up in one of the corner towers, destroy the blaze spawner and run around, lighting up the bedrock structures containing skeletons spawners and destroying every blaze spawner.
  • Build a bridge from a citadel wall to one of the obsidian towers and either destroy or light the spawners (you can try to pour lava inside but it won't always stop mobs from spawning). After clearing the 1st tower, repeat it for the remaining three.
  • Get inside the fleecy box. Once you are in, destroy the Fun Box. After that, you can light up the whole courtyard and whole area should now be completly safe.

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