Classic Island

Classic Island

Map of Classic Island

Classic Island
is an area in Sea of Flame II, a CTM map by Vechs. This is the starting area of the map.


As in every Super Hostile map, the player first spawns facing a couple of signs with the map name, author, and standard rules of the map written on them.

The body of the island consists mostly of sand along the edges and stone, obsidian and gravel in the center. There are wooden pressure plates placed all around the border of the island, designed solely to "cause neat looking fires" (they do not trigger any known traps). There are also many signs which provide backstory on the various structures the player can see in the distance.

A small lava volcano connects to the island on the west. There is also a cave in the obsidian, leading to large veins of coal and a disused Victory Monument (from the original Sea of Flame) covered with cobwebs.

Points of interest


  • A large tree.
  • A chest containing one oak sapling in the large tree.
  • Massive coal veins in the cave.
  • Many cobwebs.
  • Dirt in the cave beneath the island.
  • A Level 1 Zistonian Battlesign chest near the spawn point.
  • A Potions - Low chest on the small island off to the left.
  • A chest containing three birch saplings under the blaze spawner near the above chest.
  • A chest containing 8 chests under cobblestone beneath the skeleton spawners, accompanied by a "Yo dawg" sign.
  • A chest containing a stack of torches, a stack of arrows, an iron sword, a bow, and a cooked porkchop, hidden beneath a gravel pillar at the rear of the island.
  • An unlabeled, glowstone-topped Stone Tools and Food - Low chest located in the cave under the island.
  • Glowstone scattered around the map.


  • Two creeper spawners in the obsidian body of the island.
  • Two skeleton spawners in a small cave under the tree.
  • Another skeleton spawner inside the tree itself.
  • A blaze spawner behind the Potions chest.
  • A blaze spawner on a slope of the small volcano connecting to the island.
  • Lava and fire all around.


  • This area is only dangerous at night (still only natural spawned mobs and few creepers from the spawners will spawn). Just hide until the sun rises again.
  • The skeleton spawner inside the tree is largely harmless, as daylight will prevent spawns (and any skeletons that do spawn at night will likely fall down into the lava and die).
  • The skeleton spawners inside the cave don't guard anything (aside from a few amusing signs), so you don't need to worry about them (skeletons can't leave the cave because it has a one block high "doorstep" and they can't jump over it because there are cobwebs around). They do, however, make an ideal candidate for an XP farm.
  • Creeper spawners are also helpless during the day and can be completely disabled by simply placing few torches around the obsidian.
  • To avoid spawning blazes near the volcano at night, try to walk along the southern slope.
  • The second blaze spawner guards only 1 Potions - Low chest and 3 birch saplings (mostly unimportant loot) and is harmless during the day, as the natural sunlight will prevent any blazes from spawning.

Leads to...


  • Near and on the skeleton spawners under the tree, there are a couple of signs refering to ZombieCleo, a YouTube let's player.