Classic Sky

Classic Sky is an area in Infernal Sky II, a CTM map by Vechs. It's the starting area of the map.



The map of the area

The player spawns near the edge of a big floating island, which is one of six islands in the starting area, and also the biggest one. All of the islands are made mostly out of stone, sand and gravel, with veins of glowstone blocks here and there. There are many caves going through the islands, though they don't contain much, besides maybe few mushrooms and some redstone ore. Above and to the sides of the whole area, there are "clouds" - a large oval structures made out of snow blocks floating in the sky, which don't contain anything useful. As always, the spawning pad contains some signs explaining the rules of the map. There is the victory monument on the opposite side of the same island. To the left when facing the victory monument, there is a long island, which contains a single tree, few coal ore blocks and a patch of dirt. It's the only tree in the starting area. This island also leads to Intersection 1.

The Victory Monument

Near the spawn area, to the right when facing the victory monument, there is a small island covered in sand, which contains a fleecy box. A lot of the sand and gravel on this island float, which means block updates next to them cause them to fall down.

A bit closer to the victory monument, there is another island which contains a structure made out of cobblestone and mossy cobblestone. It contains some useful supplies.

Behind the victory monument, there is another relatively small island with some coal veins in it.

Finally, there is one island behind the previous one, which also contains coal veins. It also leads to Intersection 2. There is a second fleecy box in a cave of this island. The cave has mossy cobblestone blocks in the walls of it. It can be spotted from the bridge leading to Intersection 2.

Points of interest

  • The victory monument.


  • The white wool
  • The magenta wool
  • There is a chest on the spawn area, containing 64 snowballs, 32 eggs, leather pants, a sign and 8 torches.
  • Also on the spawn area, there is a chest containing 26 sets of leather pants and Zistonian Battlesign - level 1.
  • There is redstone ore throughout the caves of the islands.
  • Each type of mushroom can be found in the caves of the islands.
  • A large tree, also containing a chest with 4 oak, spruce and birch sapplings.
  • Under the tree, there is a patch of dirt blocks.
  • There is also some coal ore under the tree.
  • Near the tree, there is a chest containing 26 sets of leather pants and Zistonian Battlesign - level 2.
  • There is a Random Loot Chest next to the fleecy box close to the spawn platform.
  • An enchanting table on top of the mossy cobblestone house.
  • Next to the enchanting table, there is a chest containing 8 cookies, 8 torches, 8 redstone torches and 8 redstone.
  • In the basement of the same house, there is a chest containing 3 birch sapplings and 3 seeds.
  • There is a second chest in the basement containing an iron sword.
  • There is a Hillian Monument Supply Chest "Light it up!" next to the victory monument.
  • There is also a Potions - Medium chest next to the victory monument.
  • Coal ore is spread throughout the surface of the two islands behind the victory monument.
  • There is a Enchanted Leather Armor chest in the sand on the island directly behind the victory monument.
  • Near the bottom of the outer wall of the island leading to Intersection 2, there is another Random Loot Chest.
  • In the cave containing the second fleecy box of this area, there is a Potions - Low chest.
  • Next to it, there is also a chest containing Dawnbringer, Paladin's Blade.


  • There are three spider spawners under the sand near the first fleecy box.
  • There is one zombie and one spider spawner up near the second fleecy box.
  • A lot of the sand and gravel near the edges of the islands float. Placing or breaking blocks next to them cause and update, resulting in the sand and gravel falling.
  • Some of the clouds above this area create shadows, which allow for mobs to spawn even during daytime.


  • The supply chest at the start of the map contains snowballs, which can be made into enough snow blocks to make an almost complete bridge to the white wool fleecy box.
  • It can also be used to pillar up to the Victory Monument, then use the glass and glowstone to bridge to the other islands.
  • When facing the monument, from spawn, heading left up the hill will get close enough to the island with the big tree to bridge with the snow blocks. This may cause a bit of fall damage, however.
  • The Magenta wool may be found while going to Intersection 2.

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