Cloud Nine

Cloud Nine is an area in Infernal Sky II, a CTM map by Vechs.


The area is composed almost entirely out of snow "clouds" - big oval structures which can be found floating above various spots on the entire map, though they are much more concentrated in this area. Some of the clouds are even connected together, creating larger clouds. There is no pre-built path leading to the fleecy box, which is located on a wood platform, which appears is between two big statues of pigs with wings. The pigs themselves are made out of pink wool, dirt, obsidian, snow and some netherrack. There are also cobwebs between the pig statues and the fleecy box, making it appear as if the platform is floating thanks to being tied up to the statues.

Points of interest


  • The pink wool
  • There is a chest near the fleecy box, containing one of each stone tool, a stone sword, 3 loaves of bread, a cooked pork chop and a bowl of mushroom stew.
  • There is another chest near the fleecy box, containing a stack of torches, a stack of arrows, a cooked pork chop, an iron sword and a bow.
  • Behind the fleecy box, there is a chest containing 12 stacks of wooden slabs, 2 stacks of ladders and a stack of wooden stairs.
  • Also behind the fleecy box, there is a Building Blocks - Low chest.
  • In the back of the head of the right pig statue looking from the entrance, there is a hidden chest containing 13 Zistonian Space Program items.


  • The upper clouds create shadows on the lower ones, so mobs can naturally spawn there even during daytime.
  • Falling down in this area can be fatal, and may cause the player to lose their inventory to the void.


  • Cloud Nine doesn't have a legit path to the fleecy box, it requires ender pearling, bridging and pillaring.
  • If the player has a shovel, the clouds can be mined to get snowballs, which  can be crafted back into blocks to use for bridging.

Leads to


  • Inside the fleecy box, there are some signs explaining why the map maker could get away with using pink wool for the statues, also pointing out that their harnesses are made out of obsidian rather than black wool.
  • The wooden slabs in the chest behind the fleecy box are the old type, which are easier to break with pickaxe than with an axe, and which are fireproof.