143 Joe Hills plays Infernal Sky II - Creepy Creeper Castle 3 - Red wool

143 Joe Hills plays Infernal Sky II - Creepy Creeper Castle 3 - Red wool

Creepy Creeper Castle

Creepy Creeper Castle

Creepy Creeper Castle

Creepey Creeper Castle is an area in Intersection 03 of Infernal Sky II. Despite being a Red/Black Wool area, it isn't very hard. This area is in the Nether.


  • Enchanted Gold Armour
  • Red Wool
  • Black Wool


  • The entrance is guarded by a silverfish spawner, but it's easily removed.
  • There are multiple creeper spawners scattered across the castle.
  • The interior contains a ghast spawner.
  • The room with the black wool has a blaze spawner.
  • Natural spawns i.e. Zombie Pigmen (Not hostile), ghasts and the rare Magma Cube.


  • The giant creeper statues have TNT inside them, and if a creeper blows up too close, it will cause a huge explosion around the general area which can be difficult to survive through. It can potentially also destroy the Red Wool fleecy box, rendering the map impossible to complete! The statues in the courtyard may blow up the glass in the entrance, causing lava to pour over the exit, making escape difficult.


Red Wool

The red wool is located at the top of the castle, next to the black wool fleecy box. It is visible from the room with the black wool, however nearly inaccessable because of the bedrock barrier. There are several methods of getting to the box.

  1. Use an Ender Pearl to teleport through the barrier
  2. Place a boat on the side with the red wool fleecy box, and click on it to mount it, then dismount and the player will be able to get it.
  3. Pillar or ladder up to the roof of the castle from the courtyard.

Black Wool

The black wool, unlike the red wool, has a legit path, but is more heavily guarded. In order to reach it without using a boat, the player must enter the castle, then climb the staircase on the other side of the room, and get past a few blaze spawners. This is one of the easier black wool areas.