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Don't Blow It! is a name given to a dungeon area in Sea of Flame II, a CTM map by Vechs.


The dungeon is accessed through a ladder which is located in a small box-shaped room made out of mossy cobblestone. It's in the shape of 3x3 wide hallways, also made out of mossy cobblestone, which appear to form a maze at first, though they are actually quite linear. The name of this area refers to the fact that any explosion occurring in this dungeon lets lava in, as both the ceiling and walls are 1 block thick, with lava behind them. The floor also has lava below it, though it's 3 block thick. There are several creeper spawners in the dungeon, which make explosions almost unavoidable.

Points of interest


  • The yellow wool


In total, there are 7 creeper spawners:

  • Two uncovered ones at the beginning, one to the left and one to the right at the first crossroad
  • After taking the path to the right, under the left wall, three blocks away from where the two paths connect again
  • Also under the left wall, three blocks after the two paths connect
  • The following left corner has one under it
  • The corner opposite to the previous one has another one hidden under it
  • After passing the fleecy box, there is one under the left wall 2 blocks away from the end of the hallway


  • If you are not afraid of lava being next to you, try to make creeper blow (a bit away from you of course) - lava will flow down and light the area.
  • Fire Resistance potions and Blast Resistance helmets can become really helpful to survive any unwanted explosions. If you're especially ambitious, you can just swim through the lava into the fleecy box.
  • If you are not using lava to light the tunnels, bring torches and place them everywhere to avoid having creepers behind you.
  • Bring extra building blocks to repair any explosion damage.
  • Many of the hallways are obstructed by columns of blocks - creepers can hide behind these and give you a nasty surprise if you aren't prepared. On the other hand, these can be useful if you are prepared, since you can hide behind them to stop them from exploding.
  • Bring a bow, preferably enchanted with Power and Punch, to kill the creepers from a distance without detonating them. If a creeper does get too close and starts hissing, use a Knockback II weapon (such as a Zistonian Battlesign) to push it away if hiding behind a corner isn't an option.

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