Eternal Battle
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Zistonian Battlecry

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Minor Conflict

Ep27 Inferno Mines Dev Com (The Eternal Battle Begins)

Ep27 Inferno Mines Dev Com (The Eternal Battle Begins)

Vechs in Eternal Battle

Eternal Battle and Minor Conflict are the final dungeons of Inferno Mines, a CTM Map by Vechs. Note that the player may choose either one of these area to get the black wool from.


Eternal Battle is the main black wool area, however, Minor Conflict is an alternative for weaker computers. Before entering the dungeon, players will enter a small room containing two teleporters and an ender chest. The upper teleporter leads to Eternal Battle, while the lower leads to Minor Conflict. Eternal Battle is a large netherrack cave with hundreds of mobs, including zombies, skeletons, spiders, blazes, wither skeletons, Zistykins (Custom Zombie Pigmen), ghasts, ghosts, Boomer ghosts, creepers, witches, snow golems, iron golems and even cows. There is also a fountain, which is the only legit source of water in the map. Minor Conflict is a smaller, tunnel-like cavern made up of stone, ores and bedrock. The cave goes straight to the fleecy mob, then to the exit at the back. Both areas have black wool fleecy mobs (angry Zombie Pigmen decked in diamond armor, wielding the Commander's Blade, a heavily enchanted diamond sword) and an exit guarded by very dangerous custom potions capable of killing players.

Points of Interest


  • Black wool


  • Iron Blocks

Minor Conflict

  • The first half of the dungeon contains a large amount of iron ore.
  • Potions - High chest
  • Double chest containing 2 stacks of sand, a stack of ladders, 2 stacks of oak wood, 3 stacks of cobblestone and a stack of bookshelves.
  • 2 Enchanting tables and an anvil.

Eternal Battle


Minor Conflict

  • Black wool Fleecy Mob
  • Zistykins
  • Zombie stack
  • Witches
  • Ghasts
  • Blazes
  • Deathblooms around the exit

Eternal Battle

  • Black wool Fleecy Mob
  • Zistykins
  • Undead Stacks
  • Blaze Spawners
  • Ghast Turrets
  • Potion Dispensers
  • Deathblooms around the exit
  • Ghosts
  • Sped up zombies
  • Spider nests


Eternal battle

Bring as many supplies as you can hold to Eternal Battle - as the name suggests, it is an extremely long and challenging fight. In particular, it helps to bring fire resistance potions, TNT (and something to set it off with), lots of Ender Pearls, and a lava bucket. When you teleport in, you will fall into a short stack of spiderwebs, giving you a chance to peruse the area from relative safety. You can choose to just fall all the way down into a small fortress-like area in the center. This area has lots of extra supplies, but it is also under constant attack by mobs.

A better strategy is to immediately Ender Pearl over to the edge of the area, which has much fewer spawners. From there, carefully work your way around the area, avoiding enemies, until you see a giant fortress with 3 ghast prisons on top. Tackling this fortress from the ground is very difficult, as you will be swarmed with dozens of stacked zombies + skeletons and fleecy mobs. Instead, pillar up to the ceiling and carefully bridge your way over. The ghasts shouldn't be able to hit you if you're high enough, but you can destroy their spawners with TNT if you desire. It's nearly impossible to make this area completely safe, so don't bother. All you really need to do is isolate and kill one of the fleecy mobs.

Because the fleecy mob is a pigman, it is immune to lava and will actually swim up lava waterfalls. You can exploit that fact by building an enclosed prison up in the air, and then using a lava pillar to induce the mob to swim into the prison. Then, simply seal it in, remove the lava, and kill it at your leisure. You can also use Instant Health splash potions to damage the boss. Once you have the black wool, Ender Pearl to safety once more and continue working your way around the edge of the area until you reach the teleporter.

The teleporter is protected by a deathbloom spawner, so be sure not to get too close. Instead, you can simply shoot the wooden button with an arrow, and it will teleport you out of the area. There is a bucket of milk in a chest nearby if you do happen to get hit by the deathbloom. Drink a dose of fire resistance potion before teleporting, as the teleporter will drop you in one of the lava pools in Vexian Gallery. Assuming you survive the teleport, you have successfully cleared this map!

Fleecy Mob Loot

  • Commander's Blade - A diamond sword enchanted with Sharpness III, Fire Aspect III and Looting III.
  • Diamond Armor
  • Black wool - Lore: Finally! Now to escape...