Ep13 Inferno Mines Dev Com (Salire Castle - Cyan Wool)

Ep13 Inferno Mines Dev Com (Salire Castle - Cyan Wool)

A dev commentary of Inferno Mines in which Vechs fights a fleecy mob.

A fleecy mob

A fleecy mob in Slaire Castle

Fleecy mobs are powerful 'boss' mobs that are occasionally used instead of Fleecy boxes. Unlike wool in Fleecy boxes, the wool from these mobs are infinite, so the player can die over and over and will never run out of wool for that particular area. So far, they have only been known to be in Black Desert II and Inferno Mines .

Maps and Areas

So far, Fleecy Mobs have been in the following maps...

  • Black Desert II
  • Inferno Mines

​...and in these areas.

Black Desert II

The whole map, All wool(does not include the corrupted chunk)

Inferno Mines

As well as fleecy mobs, there are also other bosses for the Hunter Monument:

Black Desert II

Black Desert II is the most notable Super Hostile to use Fleecy Mobs. This is the first map to use them, and they are the
2013-10-14 18.03.56

A large number of Magenta Fleecy Mobs in Black Desert II

only method of getting wool for the Victory Monument. This was an experimental map for the Open World Hunter theme, but has been scrapped due to Vechs not liking how it was functioning. He says he may remake it using the new 'Hardened Clay' and 'Stained Clay'. It can still be downloaded here .