Ghost Town

Ghost Town is an area in Infernal Sky II, a CTM map by Vechs.


The area is in shape of an abandoned town, with houses, farms, a marketplace, an arena, a mine, a bank and a lot of loot. The whole town stands on an island made out of stone. The bridge from Intersection 2 leads right to the entrance of the city wall, which surrounds the whole city.


Map of Ghost Town (Click to enlarge)

  1. A wooden building containing 4 rooms.
  2. Entrance to mines.
  3. Cactus and tree farm.
  4. Wheat farms.
  5. City administration building. Contains a fleecy box.
  6. A stone villa.
  7. City vaults. Contains a fleecy box.
  8. Miner's Guild.
  9. Connected stone house and a wooden house
  10. A large hotel-esque building. Contains a fleecy box.
  11. Marketplace.
  12. Broken down stone brick building.
  13. Single storey stone house.
  14. Apartment building.
  15. Single storey wooden house.
  16. City arena.
  17. Gallery.
  18. Broken down stone and mossy cobblestone building.

Points of interest


  • The yellow wool
  • The light green wool
  • The grey wool
  • Near the entrance to the city, there is a Zistonian Battlesign - Level 3 chest.
  • The bottom side of the island has many ore veins, including veins of coal, iron, gold and even diamond ore.
  • The building labelled as '1' on the map contains a chest with 2 fishing rods, a compass, a bow and a stack of arrows, another chest with a stack of each fences, cobblestone, smooth stone, gravel, sandstone and sand, and another chest containing a stack of each gravel, cobblestone, sandstone and sand. There is also a chest containing 32 redstone dust, 64 cobwebs, 64 rails, 32 ladders, 64 pumpkins and a bone, as well as a Random Loot Chest.
  • The mines provide easy access to iron and gold ore, and also contain three chests. One is a Random Loot Chest also containing 598 cobblestone, next one contains 3 stone shovels, 3 stone pickaxe and more random loot chest loot, and the last one is another random loot chest .
  • The watchtower near the tree and cactus farm contains a Random Loot Chest.
  • The cactus and tree farm contains a chest with 2 birch sappling and 7 golden axes.
  • The building labelled as '5' on the map contains chests on top floor with the following combined loot: 3 cooked pork chops, 44 cobblestone, 32 flint, 56 stone stairs, 42 ladders, 598 leather, a stack of coal, 32 feather, a stack of stone slabs, 5 smooth stone, 37 wooden stairs, 232 arrows, 64 glass blocks, 50 glowstone blocks, 64 torches, 9 bookshelves, 8 iron helmets, 8 iron chestplates, 8 pairs of iron boots, 9 bows and 9 iron swords.
  • The building labelled as '6' on the map has a chest on the second floor containing a diamond sword. It also contains chests on bottom floor with the following combined loot: a stack of each ladders, powered rails, detector rails, heaps of redstone dust, redstone torches, gravel, sandstone, cobblestone, sand, smooth stone and oak planks, 11 stacks of rails and some Random Loot Chest loot. Additionally, there is a Potions - Low chest next to the building.
  • The city vaults building has a Random Loot Chest on the very top, a chest containing a diamond axe and 2 golden apples below it on the outside and 2 random loot chests as well as a chest containing 64 glass blocks, an iron sword, a golden and a green music disc, 32 torches, 64 glowstone dust, 64 redstone dust and 5 papers and another chest containing 5 books and 10 papers inside. On the way down is another chest containing 16 torches. In the vaults themselves, the player may find chests containing 50 iron ingots, 83 gold ingots, 73 blocks of obsidian, 43 glowstone blocks, 3 stacks of arrows, 3 stacks of fences, 3 bows, 7 iron swords, 4 minecarts, 24 netherrack, 32 soul sand, 274 coal, 7 diamonds, 11 iron pickaxes, 4 iron axes and 5 iron shovels. There is also 23 gold blocks and 13 iron blocks scattered throughout the vault. Additionally, there is an Enchanted Iron Armor chest next to the fleecy box, and a Potions - High chest on top of some bookshelves.
  • The miner's guild building has a few chests on the second floor, one full of golden pickaxes, one containing 4 of each leather cap, leather tunic, leather boots, bow, stone sword and 64 arrows, and one containing 9 stacks of cobblestone, 2 stacks of oak planks, a stack of wooden stairs, 64 stone slabs, 64 torches, 2 wooden doors, a sign, 32 ladders, a leather tunic, leather boots, a stone sword and a stone variant of every tool (hoe, axe, shovel, pickaxe).
  • The stone building next to the wooden one labelled as '9' on the map contains a chest with a diamond pickaxe in it, and another chest containing 3 fishing rods, 9*16 eggs, 3 compasses and 3 clocks. The wooden building next to it has a chest containing stack of gravel, a stack of redstone dust and 16 glowstone blocks.
  • The watchtower at the back wall opposite of the entrance to the city contains another Random Loot Chest.
  • The building labelled as '10' on the map has a Random Loot Chest on the roof. There is also a Feather Boots chest next to the fleecy box.
  • The marketplace contains two chests, one with 5 cooked porkchops, 4 loaves of bread, a golden apple, a cake, 56 cookies, 3 apples, 4 bowls of mushrooms stew and some Random Loot Chest loot. The other one contains 3 diamonds shovels, 2 golden shovels, 6 iron shovels, 14 stone shovels, 3 wooden pickaxes, 47 oak wood planks, 43 wooden stairs, 41 wooden slabs, 21 stone slabs, 60 glass blocks, 64 ladders, 2 stacks of brick blocks, 5 minecarts, 5 doors and 8 signs.
  • There is a hidden Stone Tools and Food - Medium chest under the road between marketplace and the city gate.
  • The building labelled as '12' on the map contains an enchantment table. It also contains two Random Loot Chests.
  • The building labelled as '13' on the map contains several chests inside. First contains 4 signs, 32 glass blocks, 4 bookshelves, 32 torches, a wooden door, 4 cobblestone and 4 stone slabs. Second one contains Random Loot Chest loot. Third one contains 4 apples, next one 3 times flint and steel, and finally, a chest in the bedroom contains an iron sword, a bow, 64 torches, 64 arrows and a cooked pork chop. There is also an Enchanted Leather Armor chest on the roof of the building.
  • The building labelled as '14' on the map contains a brewing stand and a chest with 8 bookshelves, 12 glass blocks, 34 torches and 4 wooden stairs on the ground floor. It also contains a chest in each of the suites, one containing 4 diamonds and a gold ingot, and the other two being a Random Loot Chest. There is also a random loot chest on the roof.
  • The building labelled as '15' on the map contains several chests with the following combined loot: 2 of each wooden shovel, pickaxe, axe and sword, 2 stacks of leather, 24 cookies, 7 stacks of sugar, a cake, 4 buckets of milk, 16 eggs, a stick and a Random Loot Chest loot in 4 of the 5 chests. There is also a Potions - Low chest on the roof of the building.
  • The arena contains some chests in the betting office, one behind an iron door with 18 gold ingots and other one with 9 books and 20 paper. There is also a chest in a room that gets opened when the player pulls the "STAGE HAZARD" switch, which contains 3 golden apples, a diamond axe and a diamond shovel.
  • The gallery building contains a chest with 13 signs, 20 glass blocks, 20 glowstone blocks, 20 bookshelves, 4 jukeboxes, 32 paintings and a golden and green music discs.
  • The broken down building labelled as '18' on the map has a Random Loot Chest in it. It also contains a Potions - Low chest.


  • The map is not fully safe to explore even during the day because of the clouds above the city creating dark spots for mobs to spawn at.
  • There is a cave spider spawner under the door in the building labelled as '12' on the map.
  • There are two zombie and two spider spawners in a little room in the arena, which can be accessed by switching the "STAGE HAZARD" switch.
  • There is a skeleton spawner next to the fleecy box in the building labelled as '5' on the map.
  • On the 3rd and 4th floors of building '10', non-functional empty spawners can be found beneath some of the walls - in the original version of this map (for Beta 1.7.3), these were "Monster" (i.e. Steve) spawners.


Assaulting this area during the day makes parts of the outside easier, because the clouds don't cover the entire area.


  • Next to the entrance of the arena, there are some signs saying that the last fight on the arena was between Vechs and PauseUnpause and that the upcoming fight is going to be between Cleox and Johillius. Vechs is the creator of the map, and PauseUnpause, ZombieCleo and Joe Hills are his friends, YouTube let's players and entertainers.

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