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Grove of Ssshrooms

Grove of Ssshrooms is a dungeon in Waking Up, a CTM map by Vechs.


The dungeons starts of as a basic cave with loads of coal to the sides, and creeper spawners both in the walls and ceiling. This area spirals up to the main part of the cavern, which the majority of the mobs and resources can be aquired, such as coal ore and nether wart.

The bulk of this area consists of a large cavern with vines, giant mushrooms, regular mushrooms, mycelium, soul sand with nether wart and wild mooshrooms. The wool is located at the far end of the cavern, protected by a dispenser with harmful potions. The chapter, though, is only a few steps to the left of the entrance, hidden in a room under soul sand.

The walls of the grove are made out of regular stone , giving the player access to cobblestone if they have not picked any up yet. The grove is a fairly small area, but it still is recommended to bring plenty of torches and supplies. Due to the large amount of vines, it may be hard to see, so bring a shears, just to be safe.

Points of Interest


  • Orange Wool
  • Chapter 3


  • Stacked potions of Harming, Poison and Slowness
  • Nether Wart
  • A lot of mushrooms
  • Coal
  • Dirt - Often in the form of Mycellium.


  • Creeper spawners throughout the area
  • Potion Turrets


  • The Zistonian Battlesign is a great weapon to use so that the creepers don't blow up.
  • Use the vines to help block line of sight for the creepers
  • Once you have disabled the potion turret, you can use the poison potions to weaken creepers and make your way back through the area.

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