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Halls of Flame North is a dungeon area in Sea of Flame II, a CTM map by Vechs.


The dungeon has a shape of a stone hallway, which goes downstairs and branches off to different smaller rooms a couple of times. Most of these rooms have bookshelves, monster spawners and a chest in them. The hallway enters a larger room at a point, featuring many furnaces, working benches and a lava pool, which make it look like smeltery of sorts. The hallway then continues and at the end of it is the final room with the fleecy box in it, which requires a good strategy to conquer.

Points of interest


The end of the hallway


  • The magenta wool
  • A chest with one of each type of mushroom, three sugar canes and 20 paper
  • A chest with stone stairs, wood stairs and glass blocks, stack of each
  • A chest with bookshelves, gravel, sandstone, sand, planks and glass blocks, stack of each
  • A chest with a stack of ladders, glass blocks, powered, detector and regular rails, bookshelves, redstone and redstone torches, and three stacks of gravel, sandstone and sand
  • A chest with 27 stacks of bowls
  • A chest with 17 golden swords, 9 golden pickaxes, 15 golden axes, 7 golden shovels and 6 golden hoes
  • A chest with four stacks of ladders
  • In the smeltery, each of the 12 furnaces contains a stack of coal
  • After the smeltery, in the second room to the left, there is a chest containing four stacks of rails, as well as a stack of each wood stairs, stone stairs, powered rails, detector rails, redstone torches, redstone, glowstone blocks, gravel, sandstone, sand, ladders and gunpowder
  • After smeltery, in the room to the right, there is a Potions - Medium chest
  • When the hallway first branches off to the right, there is a room with some netherrack blocks on the walls, with two facing the entrance hiding a Potions - High chest behind them
  • Another hidden chest, which is an unlabeled Stone Tools and Food - Low chest, is in a glass room with fire in it, which is above the stairs leading to the smeltery


  • There is one creeper spawner hidden under floor near chest in right room when you turn left on first hallway branch
  • Two zombie spawners hidden under bookshelves in the first room to the right after smeltery
  • A zombie spawner under a bookshelf and a creeper spawner behind a bookshelf in the second room to the left after smeltery
  • Twelve spider spawners behind the space in the wall to the left (only two are visible), and six behind the space in the front in the final room (only one is visible)
  • Six skeleton spawners in the final room, up high, in front of the fleecy box


  • Block the entrance to the 1st room to the left after leaving the smeltery (there is nothing inside except some bookshelves and free space for mobs to spawn) then go into the room to the right, barricade yourself in and take down the zombie spawners. After that go to 3rd room and destroy any creeper and then zombie spawners
  • To get rid of the spiders in final room either block any holes in the walls so the spiders won't be able to leave or jump inside the holes and destroy the spawners
  • Fill in any holes in the floor so you won't fall into the lava pit below
  • Make a column next to the ledge with skeleton spawners and block the hole from which skeletons can drop down
  • You can also make a column under the ledge and destroy the spawners from below
  • Use an ender pearl to teleport to the ledge and destroy the spawners
  • If you are fast enough, and well-equipped, you can just ignore the skeletons and just build a column next to the fleecy box and get the Magenta Wool

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