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Halls of Flame South is a dungeon area in Sea of Flame II, a CTM map by Vechs.



The resting place of Volzael

This dungeon takes the appearance of a huge room made out of stone and stone bricks, containing 5 rows x 7 rows of tall columns made out of stone, stone slabs and netherrack. Right in front of the entrance is a tombstone with signs saying "Here lies Volzael Son of Forsael Lord of the Halls of Flame", surrounded by a lava pit. There is also a rail track between Arcane Ruins and Cathedral of the Suidae going through the middle of the room. The fleecy box is located in the pillar that is in the middle row out of the five rows, and 5th row from the main entrance out of the 7 rows.

Points of interest


  • The light blue wool
  • Right around the corner after entering the room, to the left is a Potions - Low chest.
  • Under the gravel in the grave is a chest containing Wildfire, Center of Chaos.
  • Also in the grave, there is another chest containing Rockbane, The Mountain's Foe.
  • Another Potions - Low chest is in the corner of the giant room to the right after entering from the section with grave.
  • In the opposite corner of the huge room from where the grave is is an Enchanted Iron Armor chest.
  • In the last corner of the huge room, going all the way across the room to the right from the grave is a chest containing Grit-tooth, The Earth Mover.


  • There are two sets of four ghast spawners next to the fleecy box.
  • An inert, hidden fun box near the fleecy box - see screenshot (with covering stone removed). Only dangerous if any Creepers explode nearby.

    Fun box location


  • Because the ground here is flat, you can drink a speed potion and run straight to the fleecy box and get the light blue wool without too much trouble. You can also leave a trail of torches while doing so - after a few runs, you can light up the whole area, but this is not recommended because hostile mobs will become increasingly concentrated in the remaining dark areas.
  • Take a bow and arrow to kill any ghasts that may spawn.
  • If you prefer to avoid spawning any ghasts, follow this path: go to the north-west corner (follow the right wall immediately after descending the stairs, then proceed to the Potions - Low chest) and turn left, keep close to the wall and go behind the 5th column (2nd after rails or 2nd from another corner) then turn left and go to the fleecy box, break the glass on the corner and take wool (try to do it at max range). If done correctly, you stay too far for spawners to activate (even if you step a few steps too close only 2 spawners should activate).
  • The best way to deactivate the fun box is to follow the path described above and light the whole area near the fleecy box corner. As long as no creepers explode, though, the fun box will never spawn anything.
  • If you find yourself stuck inside the fleecy box (when too many ghasts spawned or too many other mobs are chasing you) simply climb up to the top of the column, turn north and build a bridge to the next column, dig to the other side of this column and you can jump to the railway (on which you can escape to Arcane Ruins)
  • If playing in a newer version of Minecraft, a Night Vision potion will help you see if there are any large mob groups coming after you.

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