The Hillian Monument Supply Chest "Light it up!" is a type of supply chest found in CTM maps made by Vechs.


The chest is always found next to the victory monument. Its main purpose is to provide the player with decorations for the monument's 19 slots, though the light sources can be helpful in other ways too. The contents of this type of chest are:

  • 47 signs - one stack of 28, and 19 individual ones
  • A "cat" music disc
  • A jukebox (with which to play said music disc)
  • 32 glass blocks
  • 19 glowstone blocks
  • 19 jack 'o' lanterns
  • 19 trapdoors
  • 19 torches

The monument supply chest in Inferno Mines has noticeably different contents:

  • A jukebox
  • All 12 music discs (cat, 13, blocks, chirp, far, mall, mellohi, stal, strad, ward, 11, wait)
  • 3 Spawn Bat eggs named "Fwap'a Durp" (which can be restocked from the Nameless Resource Area)
  • 64 vines
  • 64 ladders
  • 64 redstone lamps
  • 2 stacks of 16 signs
  • 64 flower pots
  • 64 item frames
  • 64 glass blocks
  • 64 glowstone blocks
  • 64 jack 'o' lanterns
  • 64 trapdoors
  • 64 torches


The Hillian Monument Supply Chest "Light it up!" can be found in the following locations:

Sea of Flame II

Infernal Sky II

Any Victory Monument


The contents of a Hillian Monument Supply Chest


  • The name of the chest is a reference to Joe Hills, a YouTube let's player. In his videos, he celebrates wool collection by placing it on the monument, attaching a sign to the wool with a description of where he got it, then placing a torch in front of it and saying "Done. Light it up!".