Hissing Sand

Hissing Sand is a dungeon in Waking Up, a CTM map by Vechs. In his playthrough he states that this area was the one that caused him the most anxiety, and he even got an anxiety attack while playing. It is connected to Intersection 4
Ep41 Waking Up Dev Commentary (V114)

Ep41 Waking Up Dev Commentary (V114)

Vechs does 'Hissing Sand'


The dungeon is made up of completely of sand and has a glass roof. If the glass is broken sand will fall and block off the pathway, forcing players to dig through it. Above the sand is a sea of lava which will descend upon unsuspecting players if all the sand is cleared. The dungeon is considered difficult as it contains only Creeper spawners (and natural spawns) which may explode and break large areas of glass, and the dungeon is a large, complicated maze.

Points of Interest


  • Green Wool
  • Chapter 19



  • Creeper spawners in many dead ends.
  • Explosions can cause the glass ceiling to break, letting sand fall.
  • If dug through enough, the sand that falls from the ceiling has lava above it. This makes the creeper explosions even more dangerous, as if a player is not quick enough, essential paths can be entirely blocked by lava.


  • Torches are safe to place down; the block update will not cause any sand to fall.
  • Boots of the Master Explorer can remove sand quickly due to their Efficiency X enchantment.
  • Torches are effective for getting rid of any sand that may have fallen from the ceiling.
  • It helps to place torches on one side of the pathways, to prevent getting lost.
  • Cactus can be used to block paths off and hurt enemies.
  • Blocking off dead ends can be useful for exploring the area.
  • Take a lot of arrows, as Death Sentence or another powerful bow can be very useful in handling the creepers from a distance.
  • If a creeper does explode and let sand fall, quickly dig out the fallen sand and replace the ceiling with some other block before the lava finishes descending to the paths.

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