Infernal Sky II
Infernal Sky II

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Linear Branching

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The wind swirls, floating islands in the sky drift into new positions, and a brand new adventure unfolds! This is a remake of the original Infernal Sky map.


Infernal Sky II is the third installment of the Super Hostile series, a CTM map series by Vechs. Like Sea of Flame, it was originally a survival map, and was later updated to be a CTM map. It is one of the easier maps in the Super Hostile series.


Infernal Sky II takes place on islands floating in the sky. It involves a lot of building of bridges to connect from one area to another. It's a linear-branching type map, meaning there are intersections leading to other areas. Each area contains one or more fleecy boxes, some of which require a little exploration to find.


  • Classic Sky (white wool, magenta wool)
    • Classic Sky
    • Sky Garden
    • Cloud Nine
    • Grand Armada
    • Ghost Town
    • Shredded Sky
    • The Undersky
    • You Have to Burn the Wood
    • The Red Mist Beckons
    • Creepy Creeper Castle
  • Cloud Nine (pink wool)
  • Grand Armada (light blue wool)
  • Sky Garden (orange wool, purple wool)
  • Ghost Town (yellow wool, light green wool, grey wool)
  • Shredded Sky (light grey wool, cyan wool)
  • The Undersky (blue wool)
  • You Have to Burn the Wood (brown wool)
  • The Red Mist Beckons (green wool)
  • Creepy Creeper Castle (red wool, black wool)



  • As most of the map is exposed to the sky, some dungeons can be made easier by attacking them during the day. This is further made easier by creating pathways above hostilities.