Inferno Mines
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The Inferno Mines

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Waking Up

Explore the vast mining operation left behind by a team of miners and explorers. Deep underground, a huge network of caves, tunnels, and massive chasms contains treasure, adventure, and extreme dangers. Defeat all-new enemies made possible with the Minecraft 1.5 update, and venture even deeper into areas no human has tread for thousands of years.


Inferno Mines is the twelfth map in the Super Hostile series, a map collection made by Vechs. It is one of the harder maps of the series and is the first to use command blocks. It also employs the "Hunter CTM" style of gameplay to complete the optional Hunter Victory Monument and acquire some of the wool.


Inferno Mines takes place in 'The Great Inferno' that used to have tons of resources in every location. Hane Corp, a mining company, came down to these mines and tapped them of their resources. They set up their base in what is now known as 'Hane's Disgrace'. The map itself is a massive ring of lava with all the dungeons and areas around it. Outside of this is the 'Outer Inferno' a site of a lost civilization. However, none of Hane Corp made it out this far.


  • Skylight A
  • Skylight B
  • Skylight C
  • Tree Farm
  • Amanita Cavern
  • Armory
  • Upper Mines
  • The Lost Cavern
  • Hallowed Overlook
  • Nameless Resource Area
  • Outer Inferno
  • Camp Ember
  • Cavern of Last Respite


  • Abandoned Dormitory
  • Lower Mines
  • Everforge
  • Outer Darkness
  • Lush Ruins
  • Hane's Disgrace
  • Mellow Cavern
  • Flame Warp
  • Giant Dumb Blast Zisteau Cavern
  • Salire Castle
  • Wilhelm Cliffs
  • Ember Castle
  • Vexian Gallery
  • Blackened Archive
  • Zistonian Battlecry
  • Eternal Battle
  • Minor Conflict



  • Kamyu The Hidden
  • Codewarrior the Instigator
  • Cyan Wool Fleecy Mob
  • Dinnerbone the Destroyer
  • Green Wool Fleecy Mob
  • Black Wool Fleecy Mob

Boss Mobs

Custom Mobs


  • Some of the custom mobs, like Wraiths and Boomers, drop loot that will help to combat them, such as Fire Protection V gold boots dropped from Chars.
  • Boss mobs are often undead, so Smite is a must when facing these enemies.
  • There is only one source of water in the whole map, located in the final dungeon. Given the nature of the map, Fire Resistance potions are wise to have (if possible) as a replacement for water.


  • Some fans have theorized that the Inferno Mines were set up under the Sea of Flame, but this is unconfirmed.


Ep01b Inferno Mines Dev Com (Upper Mines - Starting the Map)

Ep01b Inferno Mines Dev Com (Upper Mines - Starting the Map)

Episode 1 of Vechs' Inferno Mines Developer Commentary