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Kamyu The Hidden

Kamyu The Hidden is the first 'boss mob' in Inferno Mines, a CTM map by Vechs.
Ep22 Inferno Mines Dev Com (Kamyu the Hidden)

Ep22 Inferno Mines Dev Com (Kamyu the Hidden)

Vechs fights Kamyu the Hidden


Kamyu the Hidden is dedicated to Kamyu, who made 'Kamyu's Tools' which Vechs uses in his maps (most notably Populate Chests, used to fill all of the Random Loot Chests). The hardest part of this boss is finding it. Kamyu is hidden deep inside The Lost Cavern, which can be found hidden behind a wall of sand in Mellow Cavern. Kamyu is inside a small fortress, guarded by ghast turrets, and various spawners along the walls of the caverns to discourage tunneling. Kamyu is a zombie equiped with Head of Kamyu the Hidden, Kamyu Armor (Chest), Kamyu Armor (Legs), Kamyu Armor (Feets) and Kamyu's Feather. The feather doesn't have any damaging enchantments, excluding Knockback II, and has weak armor, so a diamond sword with Smite V should kill it in two or three hits (And one can be found near the cave leading to the boss, but the Smite V is on an enchanted book. An anvil is provided).


  • Head of Kamyu the Hidden - "He'll just write an EXE to revive himself, don't worry."
  • Kamyu Armor (Chest) - dyed Leather, Projectile Protection III
  • Kamyu Armor (Legs) - dyed Leather, Projectile Protection III
  • Kamyu Armor (Feets) - dyed Leather, Feather Falling IV
  • Kamyu's Feather - "It's so soft!" - Silk Touch, Knockback II, and Efficiency 90 (which, sadly, doesn't work in Minecraft 1.5 or later) -


  • Before the player enters the cave leading to Kamyu's base, there is a small island in the lava lake, and under the gravel is a chest containing a diamond sword, an anvil, and two enchanted books, one enchanted with Smite V, the other being Bane of Athropods V. If the player puts the Smite V on the diamond sword, Kamyu should go down quickly.
  • Kamyu's base has got three Ghast Turrets. The best way to deal with these is to shoot at the wooden buttons, activating the TNT inside, destroying the ghast spawner and possibly the ghast as well.
  • A sign warns players about the spawners around the perimeter of the cave, and tunneling is not advised.