Legacy of Contempt is a dungeon in Kaizo Caverns ,
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Legacy of Contempt

a CTM map by Vechs.


Legacy of Contempt is mostly a cave system with a low amount of resources. There is a large amount of wooden pressure plates in the dungeon, but like all the others, they don't spring any traps. Not too far inside the cavern is a mossy cobblestone structure. In the middle of the first room is a 7x3 lava pit. The rest is mostly a couple of corridors, some with monster spawners for zombies or spiders, however there will be holes in the floor going into lava after players go past the glass wall. The Fleecy box is found to the left after the glass wall.

Points of Interest


  • Light Blue Wool
  • Yellow Wool


  • Random Loot Chest x2
  • A chest containing 24 leather, 10 flint, 10 sticks and 9 cobblestone.
  • A chest containing 5 cobblestone, 2 bread, a wooden shovel and a chain chestplate.
  • A chest containing a wooden shovel, bread and a torch.
  • A chest containing 5 wooden planks, 5 torches, 3 bread, a wooden pickaxe and a wooden sword.


  • Several coal pockets trapped with TNT
  • The entire dungeon is dark enough for mobs to spawn
  • A blaze spawner in the hole next to the fleecy box (Light Blue)
  • Zombie and Spider spawners in the moss stone structure.
  • The hole in the ground leading to the yellow wool is deep enough to kill players instantly.
  • Most of the area is made of silverfish blocks.
  • Before the drop to the yellow wool, there are several creeper spawners in the cealing.


  • Much of the stone near the start path contains silverfish, which will thwart attempts to tunnel around. In versions of Minecraft later than 1.2.5 (the recommended version for this map), any creeper/TNT explosions may release large quantities of silverfish, so be careful!
  • Right at the entrance there is a 3-deep pit, which is a good place to get rid of troublesome mobs (such as any silverfish you might accidentally release).
  • The creeper spawners are best blocked off, as attempting to disable them will require tunneling through silverfish blocks.
  • Use water or mine/ladder down the wall to get to the yellow wool.
  • Directly under creeper spawners from the roof, you can use TnT to blow up silverfish stone and silverfish, and you will get a lot of xp, and as a side bonus, the wool is coincidentally right there.

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