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An Example of an Intersection, used in a Linear Branching map

The Map type is the general style or layout a map has, which can have a large effect on how the overall game is played. There are three Map types so far, which are Open World, Linear Branching and Continental.

Open World

The Open World maps are free roam maps that usually have a specific theme (lava sea, jungle, desert) assigned to them. The player has to do a bit of exploring to find the areas which hold the wool and the Victory Monument.

Open World maps

Linear Branching

Linear Branching maps are much more linear, though it's still up to the player which areas they choose to go to first. These maps feature Intersections (usually three of them), which are crosswalks between four different areas. One of those areas usually leads to the next intersection. Areas to which the later intersections lead always contain more mobs and more dangerous places than those encounter earlier in the map.

Linear-Branching maps


Continental maps are non-linear, and while similar to Open World maps, are much larger. Dungeons and other points of interest are spread much further from each other, and the player has to do a lot of exploring to find all the areas necessary to complete the map.

Continental maps

Map Sub-types

Monster Hunter

In Monster Hunter style maps, the player doesn't find the wool in a Fleecy Box. Instead, they have to defeat Fleecy Mobs and receive the wool as a drop. While not a map layout type, it is an attribute of a map which has a big impact on the gameplay. Black Desert II is the only map that is based exclusively around this type of game play, with Inferno Mines having it in a smaller capacity.