Molten Depths

Molten Depths is an area in Sea of Flame II, a CTM map by Vechs.


The area is accessed by taking one of the rail tracks leading from Arcane Ruins. It's a massive underground cave area, named after the many lava lakes and lavafalls dropping from the ceiling of the cave. The area serves mostly as a rather dangerous intersection leading to two late-game dungeons. It's almost entirely made out of stone and lava, though it also contains several large coal veins.

Points of interest


  • There are several large coal veins throughout the area.
  • There is a hidden chest in the room where the track ends, it can be spotted by the emitted light where there is no lava. It contains an iron sword, a bow, a stack of arrows and torches and a cooked pork chop, basically a Combat Supplies - Low chest without the leather.
  • There is another chest like the previous one near the top of one of the two largest lavafalls, the one near the entrance to Dance Above the Flame.
  • Also in that area is an unlabeled Stone Tools and Food - Low chest.


  • Other than the areas lit by lava, the area is unlit, allowing for mobs to spawn freely.
  • Care should be taken when traveling around the lava pools.
  • There is a TNT trap in the right wall near the lava lake with three lavafalls (past the entrance to Dance Above the Flame), activated by player presence (it lakes a quite long time to activate).


  • Cave where the track ends: light the whole place and kill all mobs that already spawned (no spawners, just simple cave cleaning)
  • Way to Dance Above the Flame : Same as above. To get down to the dungeon use an Ender Pearl or water.
  • Way to The Battle for the Molten Depths : more cave cleaning, but it's much easier to drink a speed potion and run straight forward to the dungeon.

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