Rageshadow Citadel

Rageshadow Citadel is an area in Sea of Flame II, a CTM map by Vechs.


The area begins as a bridge made out of mossy cobblestone, leading to a place where it's up to the player to enter one of the three dungeons.

  • Citadel Courtyard
  • Upper Rageshadow
  • Rageshadow Depths

Rageshadow Citadel can also be considered these three dungeons grouped together.

There is a large bedrock and glass square in the sky above the whole area, which makes it possible for mobs to spawn even during the day. There is nothing on top of it.

Points of interest


  • A Flak Vest chest near the entrance to the three dungeons.


  • The player should be careful not to fall in one of the holes in the bridge when traveling through the area.


  • Fill in the holes in the bridge to avoid falling into the lava.
  • Since the whole area consists of 3 dungeons look for a strategy on their respective page:

Citadel CourtyardUpper Rageshadow and Rageshadow Depths.

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