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Rageshadow Depths is a dungeon area in Sea of Flame II, a CTM map by Vechs.


The entrance to the dungeon lies right in front of the fleecy box from the previous area, Citadel Courtyard. The entrance leads to a dangerous stairway leading down below. The staircase leads to a large open cave area, with a large lava pool to the left, some mossy cobblestone ruins in the front, and more lava puddles to the right. After the lava puddles to the right is a mossy cobblestone cage, in which the fleecy box is located. There are also three wide stone pillars supporting the cave. The whole cave area is quite dangerous, having a large number of fun boxes in it, with higher concentration of them being around the fleecy box.

Points of interest


  • The grey wool
  • Lots of iron ore in the cave area
  • Lots of coal in the cave area
  • Potions - Low chest on the stairway
  • Zistonian Battlesign - level 4 in a chest on the stairway
  • Dawnbringer, Paladin's Blade in a chest on the stairway
  • There is a chest containing an iron sword, a bow, a cooked porkchop, a stack of torches and arrows in the mossy cobblestone ruins in front of the entrance from the stairway
  • There is a hidden unlabeled Stone Tools and Food - Low chest behind the pillar in the middle of the lava lake


  • There is a fun box on the stairway, located right above the two chests next to each other
  • In the cave area, the player should watch out not to fall into one of the lava puddles

There is a total of 15 fun boxes in the cave area:

  • First one is to the left from the entrance, under the cave wall
  • Next one is halfway from entrance to the pillar, slightly to the left
  • There is one left from the mossy cobblestone ruins
  • Another one is about 20 blocks further left from the previous one, next to a large vein of iron ore
  • Another one is in a little cave-in in this large vein of iron ore
  • Coming from the entrance, when going to the right, there is one right as you turn the corner towards the fleecy box
  • There is another one in the right pillar
  • Another one is under the iron vein behind this pillar
  • Next one is in a corner to the right when facing the fleecy box from where the closest pillar is
  • Five are three around the mossy cobblestone structure holding the fleecy box - one in front (under the bridge), two to the left and two to the right
  • Finally, there is one right above the fleecy box
  • 1st two fun boxes
  • Fun box around the corner and fun box in the pillar
  • Lonely fun box in the corner of the cave
  • Two fun boxes on the side of the mossy cobblestone structure
  • Fun box under the bridge
  • Fun box above the fleecy box (previously exposed)


  • Fun box above the staircase is easily destroyed if you bridge to it from the stairs
  • All fun boxes described below are shown on the photos (marked with redstone torches). If you need click on the photo to zoom it
  • As you enter the cave head to the two fun boxes to the left (1st photo) and destroy them - this should make the entrence safe
  • After that go over the corner and destroy next fun box (2nd photo). Fun box in the pillar is harder to reach but you can just light it with torches to disable it
  • Next go to the fun box in the corner and light or destroy it (3rd photo)
  • Next to previous fun box is a huge iron vein from which you can rather safely dig as much iron as you need
  • After you got your iron go to another double of fun boxes and destroy it (4th photo)
  • Fun box under the bridge will remain inactive if you stay close to the cave wall
  • Last fun box - the one above the fleecy box can be ignored if you are fast enough - just break the glass, get the wool and run away. If you want to destroy it dig through the ceilling and destroy it from above or use enderpearl to get to the roof of the fleecy box
  • The way to mossy cobblestone ruins with loot chest should be mostly safe after destroying fun boxes from point 2 of this list
  • Of course it is possible to dig through the ceiling or walls but this is a boring way to play Super Hostile so don't do it
  • A method for those who don't like to go through the duengon step by step : drink speed potion and run straight to the fleecy box and take the wool. You will need a pickaxe to destroy the wall and another speed pot to run back. Also fire resistance potion can help you if you want to run near the lava pits

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