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Shredded Sky

Shredded Sky is an area in Infernal Sky II, a CTM map by Vechs.


The area is in shape of a relatively round floating island, which has been eroded with holes and ravines to the point where it's divided into about 6 islands. The bodies of the islands are made out of stone, gravel and sand. They also contain deposits of different ores near the bottom. The surface of the islands is mostly flat, with the exception of some gravel hills which surround a hole containing the first fleecy box of the area.

The group of island ends with a bridge leading to a smaller floating island, entirely occupied by a large obsidian tower surrounded by an obsidian wall. The entrance to the tower is on the opposite side from the wall entrance. Inside the tower on the very top is where the other fleecy box is, with no path leading up to it.

Points of Interest


  • The light grey wool
  • The cyan wool
  • There are large deposits of coal, iron, gold and diamond ores at the bottom and sides of the shredded island. The coal ores are close to the intersection, transforming into iron and gold deposits, and the diamond deposits being near the other end with the obsidian tower.
  • A Random Loot Chest on the very right side of the second part of the shredded island.
  • Stone Tools and Food - Low chest on the very left side, about halfway through the area.
  • Another double Random Loot Chest on a tiny island at around the center of the shredded island.
  • The island just before the one containing the first fleecy box contains a Random Loot Chest and a Potions - Low chest on the very left.
  • There is a Random Loot Chest on top of the first fleecy box.
  • Combat Supplies - Low chest on the very right side of the island containing the first fleecy box.
  • Random Loot Chest in the left front corner of the obsidian tower courtyard.
  • Another Random Loot Chest is at the ground level inside the obsidian tower, facing the entrance.
  • There is also a double Random Loot Chest on top of the second fleecy box, and another single one on an obsidian platform next to it.
  • There is a chest inside the second fleecy box containing 2 golden apples, 2 bows, 2 stacks of leather, 2 iron swords, a stack of torches and 2 stacks of arrows.
  • There is a Feather Boots chest and a double Random Loot Chest on top of the obsidian tower.


  • Care should be taken when mining out the ores, especially near sand, as the sand suspended in air might get updated, causing a chain reaction of falling sand, killing the player.
  • Void
  • There is a single creeper spawner at the ground level inside the obsidian tower.
  • There is a single ghast spawner on the outside of the obsidian tower, about halfway vertically.
  • There is a single spider spawner on an obsidian platform near the fleecy box of the tower.


Stay off of floating sand as much as pssible by standing on solid blocks, such as cobblestone, while mining ores.

When you pillar up to the second fleecy box, do it in a corner to avoid falling.

You can also pillar up outdoor the tower and use your new diamond pickaxe to get in.

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