Sky Garden

Sky Garden is an area in Infernal Sky II, a CTM map by Vechs.


The area consists of a single large island, made mostly out of stone, sand and dirt, and some "clouds" made out of snow blocks to the sides and below the island, which can be found in other areas of the map, too.

The island has a wide hole near the beginning and a frozen lake near the center. It's largely covered by snow. It also contains many different kinds of plants, which can be farmed here.

There is a cave near the frozen lake, which leads to the first fleecy box of the area. It's also where the second fleecy box can be spotted from, which is on one of the clouds below the island.

Points of interest


Sky Garden

Map of Sky Garden

  • The orange wool
  • The purple wool
  • Many different plants can be harvested and farmed on the island, such as cactus, seeds, oak, spruce and birch trees, sugar cane near the lake and both kinds of mushroom in the cave.
  • There is an unlabeled glowstone-topped Combat Supplies - Medium chest at the farthest edge of the island.
  • There is a Potions - Medium chest on the cloud with the fleecy box.


  • There are 4 creeper spawners at the beginning, near some obsidian in the shape of a creeper face.
  • The cloud containing the second fleecy box is unlit because of the island above it creating a shadow, which means mobs can spawn naturally here.


  • The Orange Wool is found in a cave next to the frozen lake. The Purple Wool can be seen from here.
  • There is no legit path to the purple wool, it requires bridging and pillaring, or enderpearls.

In-depth Strategy

  • Horizontal pillar your way from intersection 1 to the Sky Garden.
  • Break the cacti to activate a sand trap.
  • Run to the lake in the middle of the sky garden.
  • Near the lake there is a cave.
  • Grab some mushrooms of both types from the cave.
  • In the back of the cave is the orange wool.
  • At the far end of the sky garden there is a dark patch under a high cloud.
  • Over the edge, ~33 blocks below is a cloud with the purple wool
  • Sand drill down directly on top of the fleecy box.
  • Grab the purple wool and return to base.

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