Spire Caves




Oblivion Spires


Spire Depths

Spire Caves is the first dungeon in Sea of Flame II, a CTM map by Vechs.


'The Spire Caves' is labelled as 'Dungeon 1' and is home to the white wool. However, Spire Caves is not the easiest dungeon in the game, unlike many white wool areas from other maps.

The cave can be entered from the Oblivion Spires. It begins with a vertical tunnel that leads into the main cave, with a creeper spawner becoming active right at the entrance. An obsidian overhang points to a wall of lava protected by glass. Below the overhang the main area of the cave, containing another creeper spawner, two zombie spawners, a ghast spawner, and the fleecy box containing the white wool. Right next to the fleecy box is a straight vertical tunnel leading to Spire Depths.

Most of the spawners in the cave are encased in sandstone, making them easy to locate but harder to destroy quickly. The walls are made entirely of obsidian, making tunnelling difficult and tedious. The area also contains a large amount of coal ore.

Points of interest


  • The white wool


  • Coal ore.


  • A creeper spawner in the beginning.
  • Two zombie spawners below the obsidian overhang.
  • Another creeper spawner near the back wall.
  • A ghast spawner in a pillar made out of coal ore.
  • Lava behind glass, which can easily be blown up and become deadly.


Strategy 1

Towards the beginning, before you even get in the cave, you may find it tricky to get down (without jumping, which would be a bad idea due to the creeper spawner. To get down safely, I'd advise using sand or gravel, dropping it down then make a staircase down (don't use a ladder as if creepers blow up the sand, all the ladders dissapear).

After the creeper spawner, there is another gap where you can go down. Build a bridge to the left and don't safety rail it for now. With a zistonian battle sign, hit all the zombies back down and let them climb up and slowly but surely you will kill them. Then, run down and torch the area near the lava.

One thing you should keep in mind is the ghast spawner. If a ghast shoots a fireball and misses you and hits the glass, a lot of lava will spill down. You should always try to hit it back (try to aim it at the spawners or the ghast).

You may want to keep one of the zombie spawners for access food. As soon as you get a carrot or potato, you should plant it. Towards the far left is a creeper spawner and a zombie spawner (to my memory at least). Try to torch it up, run back, use the battlesign to knock them back, then try to mine the spawners or blow them up with the creepers. When all of the spawners are gone, get ready to get the wool. To the left of it is a way down to Dungeon 2, Spire Depths. Before taking on that area, you should get the wool on the monument and start getting a reliable food source.

Strategy 2:

When you get into the cave, you must first destroy the creeper spawner on your right, after having caught your breath must necks down and run to the window washer, you break the glass and you put in the corner for all viennnent monsters toward you to touch and thus die in the lava. Then you need to torch the area and return to the area if you do not have life. Once this task is complete you need to disable the monster spawner in the room. Finally you go for wool and chests (if any) then you destroy the parent povez am neutralized, collect coal to go to the second dungeon or to the surface to regain life and hunger.

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