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Spire Depths is a dungeon area in Sea of Flame II, a CTM map by Vechs.


The area is a continuation to the previous dungeon, Spire Caves. It has a shape of a semi-long, wide but mostly linear cave. The walls are made out of stone blocks, with obsidian patches on a few places. There is also a mostly finished walkway made out of coal ore around 5-10 blocks above the ground of the cave. The walkway is lit from glowstone blocks above it, though not enough to prevent any natural spawns. The bottom of the cave remains dark. Near the end of the area the cave branches into a small platform with pillars made out of mossy cobblestone. At the very end, right before the fleecy box, is a bedrock cube containing spider spawners and holes for them to fit through, as well as three skeleton spawners, which make the last part of this dungeon quite challenging.

Points of interest


  • The orange wool
  • Lots of coal ore.
  • Some redstone ore towards the end.
  • A chest containing 64 torches, an iron sword, a bow, 64 arrows and a cooked porkchop on the mossy cobblestone platform.
  • Also in the mossy cobblestone area, another chest in a hole below the signs, containing 64 glass blocks, 64 glowstone blocks, a stack of each regular, powered and detector rails, 16 redstone torches, 6 dirt blocks, 2 seeds and 16 bone meal.
  • Three very useful chests near the fleecy box - an Enchanted Leather Armor chest, a Potions - Medium chest and a chest containing Ragefell, The Clearcutter.



The bedrock cube

  • Seven zombie spawners near the mossy cobblestone platform, two visible and four burried under mossy cobblestone column to the left.
  • Six spider spawners in the bedrock cube, two on each layer, none of which can be destroyed with a pickaxe.
  • Three skeleton spawners to the right of the three chests and fleecy box at the end of the dungeon.


  • Walk along the coal ore walkway to reach the Fleecy Box, digging through the walls if necessary.
  • Though you can't destroy the spider spawners (as they are enclosed within bedrock), you can still disable them with light sources such as torches and lava.
  • Spiders can be trapped by filling in holes in the bedrock.
  • Skeleton spawners can be easily disabled with light or by destroying them.
  • In areas with mossy cobblestone, either light the entire area or dig/build a tunnel to reach the loot chest.

Leads to


  • In the mossy cobblestone area, the signs are refering to Joe Hills, a YouTube let's player.