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Talia's Bedroom

Talia's Bedroom is an area in Waking Up , a CTM map by Vechs.


Talia's Bedroom is a very small area in The End. The player spawns in the bedroom, on the bed. The next room is the bathroom, where Talia finds a note from her brother. After the bathroom is a tunnel in the wall, and at the end is a hole going to an End Portal, which brings the player to the Overworld, possibly in a dream.

Points of Interest


  • Your Guide to Lucid Dreaming book, the author being person-of-interest (Andrea Buchanan's account)

Leads to...


  • It's possible, but difficult, to miss the portal in the hole. In order to do so the player must sprint off of one corner and head toward the opposite corner, swerving to the side to avoid making contact with the wall. This can only happen by the player's will and will send them to Trees of Fun regardless. (Though, they will lose the guide to lucid dreaming unless someone else in multiplayer has it)
  • If the map is loaded for a multiplayer server, this part of it will be skipped entirely.