The Battle for the Molten Depths




Molten Depths


Dance Above the Flame


A Snowball's Chance...


The Beginning Part(some TNT has blown up)

The Battle for the Molten Depths is a name given to a dungeon area in Sea of Flame II, a CTM map by Vechs.



The final part of the dungeon, containing the fleecy box

The entrance to the dungeon is by a piston door, leading to a small preparation room, containing some chests, furnaces and a crafting table. There is also another piston door, this time leading to the real challenge.

The beginning part of the dungeon is made out of netherrack. It has many dispensers loaded with arrows facing away from the entrance. The dispensers can be used to shoot the arrows simply by walking on the wooden pressure plates behind them. In the middle of the first part of the dungeon are a few rows of cobwebs and some spawners. From the other side there are more dispensers loaded with arrows, this time facing the entrance. These dispensers also have wooden pressure plates and many spawners behind them. This makes it possible for the spawned mobs to shoot the arrows from dispensers simply by walking. There are four rows of dispensers like this. Each of the rows also has a TNT block in it.

The next part is made out of bedrock and contains several sandstone structures, each containing a creeper spawner. All of them also have a TNT block near them.

Once the player reaches the end of the hallway, they'll have to face the final challenge of this dungeon. The fleecy box is up in the air in the middle of a tall room. The bottom of the room is partially covered in lava, and there are ghast and skeleton spawners near the fleecy box.

Points of interest


  • The red wool
  • In the preparation room, there is a chest containing six iron swords, six bows, six stacks of arrows, six stacks of leather, a stack of wheat and two stacks of torches.
  • Each of the dispensers in the dungeon contains 9 stacks of arrows.
  • Just before the room with the fleecy box, there is a hallway to the right, with a Stone Tools and Food - Low chest.


  • There are two skeleton spawners in the rows of cobwebs in the first part of the dungeon.
  • Throughout the first part of the dungeon, beware the dispensers facing your way. Mobs can activate them by stepping on pressure plates.
  • Behind the first row of dispensers, there is 12 zombie spawners.
  • Behind the second row of dispensers, there is 6 more zombie spawners.
  • Behind the third row of dispensers, there is 10 creeper spawners.
  • Behind the last row of dispensers, there are two spider spawners and two skeleton spawners in the sandstone structures.
  • In the bedrock hallway, there are 8 sandstone structures, each containing a creeper spawner.
  • There are two ghast spawners in the final room, one on each side.
  • Above the fleecy box, there are two bedrock structures identical to the ones in Citadel Courtyard. Each contains 4 skeleton spawners.
  • Do not fall down in the final room, as there is a lot of lava on the floor.


  • A bow with the flame enchantment, such as Death Sentence, is very useful for activating the TNT from afar in Minecraft 1.4.2 and later. This is an easy way to destroy some of the mob spawners and dispensers.

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