The Kaizo Caverns
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The Kaizo Caverns

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This map is a network of linked underground caverns. The map takes place entirely underground, and the whole thing is wrapped in a giant cube of bedrock (no escape!) This was the first map of the series where I introduced the Victory Monument goal system. To me, it has a very "Super Metroid" or "Castlevania: Symphony of the Night" feel to it.


Kaizo Caverns is the fourth installment to Super Hostile, a CTM map series by Vechs. It was actually the first of Vechs' map to employ the Victory Monument goal system, essentially acting as the progenitor of the CTM genre.


Kaizo Caverns is a series of underground caves, which is almost completely excavated. The entire map is set underground. It is laden with traps, ranging from simple pit falls to proximity bombs. Players familiar with the original version of the map (for Minecraft Beta 1.4) may notice that a number of things have changed - all of the old TNT traps have been transformed into coal, but many new TNT traps have been sneakily added in various locations.



  • Lonely Lava Cavern (White Wool)
    • Lonely Lava Cavern
    • Starlight Cavern
    • Legacy of Contempt
    • The Twisted Dark
    • Ilvern Ruins
    • Nether Fortress Dungeon
    • Cavern of Sky
    • Spine Forest
    • Grave of the Dragon
    • Citadel of Demons
    • Planar Warp
  • Starlight Cavern (Orange Wool, Magenta Wool)
  • Legacy of Contempt (Light Blue Wool, Yellow Wool)
  • The Twisting Dark (Lime Wool, Pink Wool)
  • Ilvern Ruins (Gray Wool, Blue Wool)
  • Nether Fortress Dungeon (Purple Wool)
  • Cavern of Sky (Light Grey Wool, Cyan Wool)
  • Spine Forest (Brown Wool)
  • Grave of the Dragon (Green Wool)
  • Citadel of Demons (Red Wool)
  • Planar Warp (Black Wool)


  • Intersection 01
    • Intersection 01
    • Intersection 02
    • Intersection 03
  • Intersection 02
  • Intersection 03


  • Due to the high amount of traps in Kaizo Caverns, it is best to always proceed through an area with caution. While many of the pressure plate traps are fake, others can easily send the player to their doom. Also listen for the hissing of TNT, signalling a proximity bomb.


  • The word "Kaizo" is Japanese for "reconfigure" or "remake," and the map itself seems to be at least partially inspired by Kaizo Mario, a ROM-Hack with many unfair traps.