The Lost Caves

The Lost Caves is an area in Sea of Flame II, a CTM map by Vechs.



The entrance

The entrance to the area is located on the surface of Oblivion Spires, and is in the shape of ruins made from mossy cobblestone.

The area itself takes form of a regular stone cave, with some added plants, lava and glowstone. It serves mostly as an entrance to two dungeons.

Points of interest


  • Red and brown mushrooms grow near the entrance.
  • There is some sugar cane further down the cave.
  • The sugar cane grows near some water, which can be hard to find on this map.
  • There is some grass near the entrance to Vrinstar.
  • There is also a chest containing two seeds near the grass.
  • Above where the cave splits into two, there is a secret room containing an unlabeled Stone Tools and Food - Low chest.
  • There is also second chest containing stacks of arrows and torches, a bow, an iron sword and a cooked porkchop hidden in small cave in left wall close to the Oreflare duengon.


  • There is some lava in holes around the cave.
  • The place is not fully lit, so natural mob spawns occur in this area.
  • One creeper spawner buried under floor near the right wall in the part with sugar cane.


  • Find and destroy the creeper spawner as soon as you get to the sugar canes (there is a long fall there - use an enderpearl or build a staircase)
  • Fill the lava holes to avoid falling into them
  • Light the dark parts of the cave to deny natural spawns

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