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The Red Mist Beckons

The Red Mist Beckons is the Green Wool Dungeon in Infernal Sky II , a CTM map by Vechs.


The Red Mist Beckons is a number of thin gravel platforms floating in the air. The objective here is to make it to the Fleecy box on the other side, while being very careful not to do anything that will update the gravel. If the gravel is updated, it and all gravel blocks on the platform will fall in a chain reaction. Although it may be easy to avoid placing or breaking blocks, ghasts may spawn and blow up the gravel. The Fleecy Box is located near the end of the path, but at the very end is a land of glowstone with loot.

Points of Interest


  • Green Wool


  • Diamond ore



  • Ghasts can spawn and blow up the gravel
  • If the Gravel is updated, a lot of it will fall, which will probably result in the death of the player
  • Void
  • A blaze spawner and 4 nonfunctional empty spawners (originally Monster/"Steve" spawners) above the Fleecy Box
  • A blaze spawner at the end of the dungeon guarding the loot. If the player gets Rockbane before any spawn, it can be gotten rid of easily.


  • Don't bring anything except maybe a few blocks. Aside from blocks, nothing will help here. There is loot at the end too that can help take care of the blazes.
  • Keep running. Don't stop for anything except the Wool and, optionally, the loot at the end.

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