Ep01 Waking Up Dev Commentary (V060)-0

Ep01 Waking Up Dev Commentary (V060)-0

Vechs plays Waking Up

2013-09-25 17.05.30

Trees of Fun

Trees of Fun is the first area of Vechs's 14th Super Hostile map, Waking Up.


Before the area begins, the player spawns in an open-air hole, having been sent from Talia's Bedroom, and is now supposedly in her dream. The initial area contains four labeled chests, one of them hidden. The three major chests are the Andrean Papercutter Level 1, Goldsander, Bane of Death, and the Zistonian Battlesign Level 2. The Battlesign is hidden at the back of the small island, covered by tell-tale gravel. The other chest is Stone Tools and Food - Low. Adjacent to the starting area is a large cavern containing more chests (mostly stone tools and food) and three trees. Two of the trees are trapped with large proximity bombs, while the third one is "safe" (there is still a proximity bomb beneath it, but it is encased in obsidian).

Points of Interest


​Victory Monument

  • White Wool
  • Chapter 1
  • Iron Block


  • The real tree is guarded by many zombie spawners.
  • The fleecy box is guarded by a skeleton spawner that is encased in silverfish blocks.
  • There is a charged creeper spawner encased in bedrock beneath the Iron block, making it difficult to get. These charged creepers also have eternal fire resistance, meaning that hitting them into the lava will not kill them.
  • Close to the chapter is a small room with creeper spawners, blocked by gravel. This can be ignored, but if the gravel is disturbed, the room will open, letting the creepers out. Additionally, there is a proximity bomb near the room, which will go off if the player attempts to disarm the spawners and turn them into an XP/gunpowder farm.
  • Most of the stone in the room with the real tree as well as the wool room contains silverfish. This can become very dangerous if a player is unaware and cannot kill the silverfish without it summoning others. Furthermore, in later versions of Minecraft (1.7 and later), creepers become extremely dangerous here, as a single explosion can trigger a fishpocalypse.
  • The hallway to Intersection 01 contains several creeper spawners and a thin floor. Be careful, as these spawners can cause creepers to occupy the room with the real tree.
  • A creeper spawner along the hallway that leads to Grove of Ssshrooms is able to spawn creepers in dark areas in the section of the tree room that is directly opposite to the wool room. Be careful of ambushing creepers even after you clear and light up this room!


  • The Zistonian Battlesign can be found in the first room after Talia's Bedroom by heading to the bottom of the island on the side opposite from the walkway into the dungeon proper. It is marked by a block of gravel and accompanied by 26 pairs of leather pants.
  • The real tree(not trapped) is guarded by several zombie spawners. It is advised to run in and place down torches and then run out of the room to heal, breaking zombie spawners as often as possible.
  • The Andrean Papercutter and Zistonian Battlesign can be very useful in controlling the hoard of zombies that can result from the multiple spawners guarding the real tree, as well as helping control the numbers of natural mob spawns.
  • The back right corner of the room with the real tree contains a hallway that leads to the next area, but contains several creeper spawners. It is advised to block this hallway off and deal with the creepers later.
  • The white wool is in a tunnel next to the real tree. The fleecy box itself is guarded by a skeleton spawner protected by silverfish blocks.
  • Chapter 1 is plain in sight near the entrance to the area. There should be little or no effort required in getting it.
  • The charged creeper spawner guarding the iron block was created to spawn the charged creepers on the bedrock block in another part of the maze. Players can use this to their advantage by placing blocks around the bedrock to keep the charged creepers from getting loose, allowing the player to take the iron block without much trouble.
  • Once the player has identified the real tree, setting off the two trapped trees is a good way to create honeypots. Take care to only set off the TNT at the bottom of the trees, though; if the upper bomb is set off, lava will pour down and illuminate the area.
  • Leaving one of the zombie spawners intact can be useful, as it allows the player to farm for iron, carrots, and potatoes.


  • The open sky in the first room of the map is the only place with exposed sky on the map besides Paradise. Vechs states in his Waking Up Developer Commentary that this was only done because spawning in Minecraft placed the player on the surface in a random spot within the spawn point.
  • According to Vechs, the partial gravel maze and the maze in the lava were created to utilize the new pathfinding mob AI, which was introduced to Minecraft in version 1.2.1 while the map was being created.