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Upper Rageshadow is a dungeon area in Sea of Flame II, a CTM map by Vechs.


The dungeon takes place in the three story building in the middle of Citadel Courtyard. It's made out of mossy cobblestone, obsidian and bedrock. The fleecy box is located at the top of the building, though that part of the building can only be entered from the bottom because of bedrock wall protecting it from sides and top.

Points of interest



  • Four creeper spawners are covered by the mossy cobblestone stairway in the obsidian room in which the fleecy box is located
  • There are five ghast spawners on the roof
  • Additionally, it's possible for mobs from spawners which are located in Citadel Courtyard to spawn while in this dungeon


  • Ground floor. Red spot represents staircase to the first floor.
  • First floor. Blue spot represents staircase to the ground floor, red spot represents staircase to the second floor.
  • Second floor. Blue spot represents staircase to the first floor.
  • Use the Eastern entrance to the tower from the citadel walls (it's the bottom one on the picture showing 1st floor of the tower). Turn right and climb up to the second floor.
  • Go forward leaving torches behind you until you reach last but one room.
  • From this point you have two options: Go inside the final room and try to get to the fleecy box before creepers explode and destroy the staircase (this is propably impossible). If they explode they will most likely destroy or expose spawners (also propably will kill you if you don't have good armor). Clear the area and climb up to the fleecy box. Block entrance to the final room and climb up near the wall that seperates both rooms. When you are hitting ceiling with your head destroy the wall in front of you and you are right next to the fleecy box.
  • Standing too long at the upper part of the duengon (near fleecy box) will spawn a lot of ghasts from spawners at the roof (they can't do anything to you unless you leave the building) - try to leave as soon as possible or destroy spawners before entering the tower (1st build a bridge from upper ledge of the citadel walls to the center tower and then climb up) but this is a bit risky due to the height of the tower - if you fall or something knocks you off your bridge you won't survive if you are not wearing feather boots (still it is worth to go to the roof - there is an awesome sword in the chest)

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