Vechs' Youtube image.

Vechs is the creator of the Super Hostile map series. So far he has made 12 Super Hostiles, including the scrapped Black Desert II.


Currently, there are 11 Super Hostile maps available on the forums page:

  1. Sea of Flame II
  2. Endless Deep (Formerly, moved to Mini Hostile)
  3. Infernal Sky II
  4. The Kaizo Caverns
  5. Black Desert II (Scrapped)
  6. Canopy Carnage (Scrapped)
  7. Legendary
  8. Nightmare Realm
  9. Sunburn Islands
  10. Spellbound Caves
  11. Lethamyr
  12. Inferno Mines
  13. Yet to be made
  14. Waking Up


Vechs published the first Super Hostiles on 04 March 2011 as Survival maps. These were Sea of Flame, Endless Deep and Infernal Sky. Later, during the making of Kaizo Caverns, he invented the genre 'Complete the Monument' in which the player must collect 16 coloured wool and 3 metal blocks for a 'Victory Monument.' Vechs was commisioned by Andi Buchanan, the author of the book 'Waking Up' to make a very hard map of it. It was later decided that Vechs should 'adopt' the map as a Super Hostile. Vechs announced on 22 May 2013 that he was joining the Mindcrack Server, a Minecraft private, whitelisted server for popular Minecraft LPers started by Guude. However, he did not actually start it until 9 August 2013. Vechs did his first Mindcrack Ultra Hardcore season in Season 14, in which he was teamed up with Zisteau (which was one of the teams a lot of people were hoping for).


Vechs has so far made videos of:


  • Vechs is making a new map using the Shielded Ultra Hardcore gamerule. Confirmed to NOT be Canopy Carnage 2. He has stated that the map may be called Boreal Islands.
  • In an interview Vechs states that he would like to go up to SH99