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Vrinstar is a dungeon area in Sea of Flame II, a CTM map by Vechs.


The area is made out of clay blocks, dirt and mossy cobblestone, with many pumpkins in the walls. It consists of three rooms separated by piston doors. The first room the player encounters is very vertical, featuring a very tall tree and glass ceiling with lava above it. This room is separated into four floors, each except the bottom one featuring one set of piston doors leading to a different room. The first floor is where the player enters from The Lost Caves. Getting higher, there is an entrance to a room with a chest with some supplies. The fleecy box is behind the piston doors at the very top floor.

Points of interest


  • The light grey wool
  • In the room behind piston doors one floor above the entrance is an unlabeled Combat Supplies - Medium chest beneath a mossy cobblestone block.
  • At the very bottom near the tree, there is a secret passage in the clay blocks, leading to an unlabeled Stone Tools and Food - Medium chest.
  • There are different plants the player may want to gather for farming: grass for seeds, leaves for saplings, sugar cane, cacti and pumpkins


  • There is a fun box in the floor between the very top floor and the floor below it, to the right of the piston doors on the top floor
  • Another fun box is in the room with a supply chest, located on the floor above the entrance to this area
  • Fall damage can be deadly


  • Bring in blocks, and pillar and run straight to the fleecy box. And then to the supplies, if wanted. Place torches as you run

Leads to


  • The name of this area is likely a reference to Brinstar, a location in the Metroid series