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You Have to Burn the Wood

You have to Burn the Wood is the Brown Wool Dungeon of Infernal Sky II, a CTM map by Vechs


You have to Burn the Wood' is an area in Inersection 03 of Infernal Sky II, in the Nether. The signs at the start warn you that the area is extremely difficult, however, it is very easy and very hard to die. To get the wool, all the player must do is burn down or cut through a few layers of a giant, thick, wooden wall. This is a brown wool area, which Vechs refers to as his 'Joke Wool' in which he makes a very easy area which can be completed in seconds. This is an example. There are also loot chests to help the player get through more effiiently, using an axe or, hence the name of the area, flint and steel.'

Points of Interest

  • Brown Wool
  • A lot of wood
  • Stone Tools and Food
  • Two Flint and Steel x10 chests.
  • Nether wart


The fastest way to beat the area is to use an axe to cut through the wood.


  • You have to burn the wood is inspired by the game "You have to burn the rope." The game is extremely easy, like You Have to Burn the Wood.