The Zistonian Battlesign is a special enchanted item found in some CTM maps made by Vechs.


The Zistonian Battlesign is a sign bearing one or more weapon enchantments, depending on the level of the battlesign (higher levels have stronger enchantments). They are generally found in a chest filled with leather pants.

Low level battlesigns are generally only useful for crowd control due to their Knockback enchantments, but high level battlesigns are viable weapons. Though they have effectively unlimited durability, players must take care to never attempt to block while wielding one, as doing so within range of a wall or floor will place the battlesign and destroy all of its enchantments - subsequently breaking it will yield an ordinary, unenchanted Sign.

Zistykins also wield battlesigns and have a chance to drop them, though they are generally weaker than the ones found in loot chests.

The enchantments of each level are as follows:

Level 1
  • Knockback II

Zistonian Battlesign Level 1

Zistykin Level 2
  • Fire Aspect I
  • Knockback I
Level 2
  • Fire Aspect I
  • Knockback II

Zistonian Battlesign Level 2

Zistykin Level 3
  • Sharpness II
  • Fire Aspect II
  • Knockback II
Level 3
  • Fire Aspect I
  • Knockback II
  • Sharpness III

Zistonian Battlesign Level 3

Level 4
  • Fire Aspect II
  • Knockback II
  • Sharpness V
  • Looting III

Zistonian Battlesign Level 4

"Glitch" Level
  • Fire Aspect II
  • Knockback II
  • Sharpness V
2013-10-08 18.33.27

Glitched Zistonian Battlesign


Zistonian Battlesigns can be found in the following locations:

Sea of Flame II

Infernal Sky II

The Kaizo Caverns

Spellbound Caves

Waking Up

Inferno Mines